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North Indian Slates :
Avail a wide range of North Indian slates that are quarried from the Arawali range mines in Haryana and is processed in our factory at Kund region. We offer variety of special tiles and mosaics using the slate and these are popular in US. These are ideal for interior as well as exterior application. The slates are extremely beautiful and cost effective than any other natural stone for wall or floor coverings. They render a graceful, natural finish to any building. Available in a host of attractive colors, varieties and hardness, our slates feature smooth granular surface. We offer these stones in proper packaging to avoid any damage during the transit. The wide array of North Indian Slates we offer are classified in six categories, based on colors, as below.

Jack Black Rustic Slate :
Jack Multi-Color is amongst the most beautiful of the multi-color slates. It certainly has an incredible range of color. Many pieces are black, but you can also find olive, rust, brown, taupe, sage and even orange. The jack black rustic stone can be used for wall-cladding, roofing, flooring and all other types of interior & exterior applications depending upon the imagination of an architect. Although it is a hard slate, but proper sealant should be used if being considered for exterior application in extreme weather conditions. Jack Black Rustic slates are available in natural, Honed, Polished, Calibrated tiles and mosaic patterns.

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6" X 6"
12" X 12"
16" X 16"
12" X 24"
24" X 24"
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