Multi Pink Slate

About Multi Pink Slate

The multi pink slate offers a unique versatility and an effective visual focus for a stunning feature wall or a vivid urban floor. This stone is widely used by architects to create visual harmony with buildings and the drystone walls. It is perfectly suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications such as wall-cladding, roofing, flooring etc. Its slip-resistant durability can withstand heavy traffic, making multi pink slate an ideal choice for flooring applications. The natural cleft surface of the stone provides slip resistance and a unique one-of-a-kind appearance. The multi pink slate is available in different finishes and can be cut to the size required by the clients.

Regular Moving Sizes x thickness Special Order sizes
30 x 30cm x (10 mm calibrated) upto slab(60 x 120 cm)
40 x 40cm x (12 mm calibrated)
60 x 30cm x (12 mm calibrated)
60 x 60cm x (15 mm calibarted)

Multi Pink Slate

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