SRA Multicolor Slate

About SRA Multicolor Slate

SRA (Seven colors of Rainbow Autumn or Himalayan Kashmere) multicolor stone is a unique mix of slate and quartzite. It possess best qualities of both stones: natural cleft finish and hard surface good for flooring. The natural cleft surface of the stone exposes the rugged beauty, while the carefully calibrated back makes it easy to install. SRA multicolor stone has a solid beauty, which is used for visual harmony with the stone buildings and the drystone walls. It is suitable for interior or exterior decorating applications. We can offer our clients a variety of Natural Slate Stone, Multicolor Slate and Slate Tiles in different porosity, hardness and compressive strength.

Regular Moving Sizes x thickness Special Order sizes
30 x 30cm x (10 mm calibrated) upto slab(60 x 120 cm)
40 x 40cm x (12 mm calibrated)
60 x 30cm x (12 mm calibrated)

SRA Multicolor Slate

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