Multi Select Slate

About Rustic rustic-black Slate

Multi select slate stones are available with tones of green, purple to rose, multi-colored, and pale gold. The vibrant colors and unique textures make slates appropriate for interior as well as exterior applications. As these stones are formed in layer, it can easily be split to expose beautifully textured surfaces. They are highly clefted and are widely used for flooring, cladding and landscaping. Natural cleft is unique to the slates, the natural cleft finish has an uneven surface, but is still usable for flooring. The backside can be gauged to facilitate ease of thin-set installation. We can offer multi select stone in variety of finishes in different forms such as tiles, blocks, slabs, etc.

Regular Moving Sizes x thickness Special Order sizes
30 x 30cm x (10 mm calibrated) upto slab(60 x 120 cm)
40 x 40cm x (12 mm calibrated)
60 x 30cm x (12 mm calibrated)

Multi Select Slate

Ask For Sample

Better take a sample than to linger in doubt. We provide paid samples of our stones. While we charge only courier cost for most of our samples, some very expensive stones bear additional cost. For more information, please do read our terms and conditions.